Peru City Cemetery

This cemetery is owned and operated by the city of Peru. There is parking along the narrow roadways within the cemetery. There is also a mausoleum and a columbarium on site. During a visit in 2005 I w

LaSalle County Genealogy Guild

The local genealogy society for LaSalle County. This facility is only open a few days a week. It has many great records including all the probate records for LaSalle County, birth/marriage/death recor

National Archives - United States

A repository for national records. I’ve only researched here once and walked from the transit station so am not too sure about the parking situation. My research was primarily in the census reco

Jasper County Illinois Clerk/Recorder

The Jasper County Illinois Clerk and Recorder are in the same office. I was not able to get a copy of my grandfather’s birth record while I was there. My understanding was they required a formal

SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Cemetery

Catholic Cemetery in Lemont. This cemetery is easy to get to and I don’t remember parking being a problem.

Saint Vincent Cemetery

Saint Vincent Cemetery is one of the larger cemeteries in the area and dates back to the mid 1800s. The older section is near the eastern part of the cemetery while the newer sections are along Saint

Adams County Illinois Recorder of Deeds

Recorder of Deeds for Adams County in Illinois If you’ve researched at this site, click the “Claim this listing” button at the top and add some helpful tips or advice for others who

National World War I Museum and Memorial

World War I museum located in Kansas City. I did not perform any research at the site, but did participate in a tour of the museum. The tour was helpful in better understanding the impacts the war cou
Richland County Courthouse

Richland County Illinois Recorder/Clerk

Land and vital records were located in the same are of the county building with the Clerk and the Recorder being the same office. It was easy to find the records although photos were not allowed so I

LaSalle County Illinois Recorder of Deeds

Recorder’s office in LaSalle County, Illinois You can get deeds, mortgages, and other land records here. The office is on the second floor and to the left of the east entrance of the main buildi